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10 Volunteer Opportunities for Kids & Teens in Loudoun County

Looking to help your child feel empowered and help others? From food banks to healthcare to performing arts, discover the best youth volunteer opportunities in LoCo to match any interest!

Tana Amodeo
Tana Amodeo

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Volunteering is an excellent way for youth to learn new skills, explore their interests, identify personal values, and build their resumes.  Above all else, volunteer opportunities for kids and teens in Loudoun County help serve and strengthen our local community!

Here, we'll discuss where to find the best youth-friendly volunteer organizations in LoCo and how to help your child or teen get started.

What you need to know about volunteer opportunities for kids in Loudoun

First, let's touch on why your child should consider volunteering and what opportunities we have for giving back here in Loudoun County.

What are the benefits of volunteering for children & teens?

Volunteering is an excellent way for kids to experience the joy of giving back to their community. Community service also teaches youth essential life skills, including:

  • Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Self-confidence
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Research even shows that volunteer work can decrease the likelihood of depression and high blood pressure in adolescents!

Looking ahead to the college admissions process can also be a big motivator for teens to begin volunteering.  According to Laura Northart, Co-Founder of Loudoun College Counseling:

"Getting involved is a big part of the high school experience and college admissions process.  Colleges want to see that you are contributing to your community, whether that be through volunteer service, athletics, clubs, employment, or a personal hobby/project.  Find something you love and stick with it!  It is the commitment and consistency that will benefit you the most, both personally and in regard to college admissions."

What can kids do to help others in LoCo?

Fortunately, we have a diverse range of youth volunteer opportunities in Loudoun.  Kids and teens can:

  • Volunteer with Loudoun government & community organizations
  • Work with animal-related agencies
  • Volunteer in healthcare
  • Support family service groups
  • Help community arts & theater organizations
  • Volunteer for holiday-specific events

10 Must-Know LoCo Volunteer Organizations for Loudoun Youth

Here are 10 inspiring programs in Loudoun that span a variety of personal interests and related career aspirations.

Volunteer with Loudoun government & community organizations

Helping out in the local community is a phenomenal place for your child to begin exploring their interests.  They may even uncover potential long-term career goals in the process!

1) Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, & Community Services (PRCS) Teen Volunteer Program

The Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation, & Community Services (PRCS) has led the charge on local community service for over 50 years.

Teen Volunteer Video by Loudoun County PRCS / YouTube

What:  Teen volunteers with PRCS help out at Loudoun's community centers and local parks, as well as assist with various children's programs.  From environmental service projects to supporting youth sports, there are plenty of diverse opportunities to help teens uncover their unique passion!

Who: High school students

Where: Various PRCS locations and events across Loudoun County.

How to get started:  To apply for the PRCS teen volunteer program, high school students must:

  • Submit a PRCS volunteer form
  • Obtain three references
  • Attend a volunteer orientation

Contact: (703)777-0343 or prcs@loudoun.gov

2) Claude Moore Community Builders

The Claude Moore Community Builders (CMCB) program has served as a liaison between emerging leaders and local non-profit groups since 2007.

Video by Loudoun Youth, Inc. / YouTube

What: Claude Moore Community Builders is an aspirational volunteer program ideal for teens who are ready to make a serious commitment to personal growth and bettering the community.  Once accepted into the 10-month-long program, high school students will complete 30 hours as "volunteer interns" while gaining an additional 20 hours in professional development.

Who: Rising 10th to 12th-grade students may apply.

Where: Claude Moore Community Builders partners with numerous local non-profit organizations around Loudoun County.

How to get started: Students must apply in the spring of the preceding school year.  Join the Claude Moore Community Builder's mailing list to stay up to date on the application process and firm deadlines!

Contact: jweiss@loudounyouth.org

3) Loudoun Library Foundation

The Loudoun Library Foundation (LLF) is a 100% volunteer-driven non-profit, which supports our very own Loudoun County Public Libraries.  

Loudoun Library Foundation: Behind the Magic Video by the Loudoun County Public Library / YouTube

What: Volunteers help with book sorting and transportation, run a massive annual used book sale, and help carry out library marketing and fundraising efforts.

Who: Youth ages 12 and up

Where: LLF volunteers support Loudoun County Public Library branch locations around the county.

How to get started:  To learn more about volunteering with LLF, please call (703)779-2252 or email LLFvolunteers@gmail.com.

So many children possess a genuine passion for helping animals!  I was thrilled to learn about the range of LoCo service projects suitable for even the youngest volunteers to complete from home.

4) Loudoun County Animal Services (LCAS)

Loudoun County Animal Services (LCAS) functions as an animal shelter, serving stray, surrendered, and lost pets in our community.

Best Volunteer Opportunities for Kids & Teens in Loudoun County: Loudoun County Animal Shelter (image of a tan dog standing on a dirt path outside).
Photo by Amy Humphries / Unsplash

What: Youth volunteers can give their company and come read to adoptable pets (seriously, how sweet is this?) or take on a service project from home to support the shelter.  From making DIY dog toys to hosting a pet food drive, Animal Services has project ideas for preschool-aged kids through high school here.

Who:  Kids ages 10-15 can volunteer in-house alongside their parent/guardian through the Volunteer Apprentice Program, while teens 16 and up can volunteer solo.

Where: Volunteer information sessions are held at 42225 Adoption Drive, Leesburg, VA 20175.

How to get started: To receive an application, you will need to first attend an information session.  Find out when the next one is here.  Please note this volunteer program may require additional training and a minimum weekly 2-hour time commitment.

Contact: (703)777-0406 or animals@loudoun.gov

5) The Humane Society of Loudoun County (HSLC)

The Humane Society of Loudoun County (HSLC) is a non-profit, no-kill animal advocacy organization.  HSLC supports animals in need by connecting them with foster homes, as opposed to a physical shelter.

Best Volunteer Opportunities for Kids & Teens in Loudoun: Human Society of Loudoun. Image of two young girls sitting with over a dozen brown donation bags, smiling and giving a thumbs up.
Two youth volunteers raised $500 and earned the HSLC Heroes Volunteer Award! Photo provided by the Humane Society of Loudoun County.

What: Most youth volunteer work entails off-site projects to support the animals, such as hosting a fundraiser or pet food drive.  Seasoned volunteers may be eligible to help with more direct tasks such as assisting at pet adoption events and helping to maintain "cat condos."  Learn more here.

Who: Youth under age 18 must often volunteer alongside a parent/guardian.  Please visit the humane society website to learn more.

How to get started: Complete a volunteer interest form here.

Contact: (703)777-2912 or helpanimals@humaneloudoun.org

Healthcare volunteer opportunities

If your teen is considering a degree or future career in the healthcare profession, volunteer work is a phenomenal way to dip their toe into the field of medicine and decide if it might be a good fit.

6) INOVA Loudoun

INOVA is Northern Virginia's largest non-profit healthcare organization with a large presence here in Loudoun County.

Best Volunteer Opportunities for Kids & Teens in Loudoun: INOVA Loudoun (image of two hands covered by surgical gloves, shaped like a heart).
Photo by Anton / Unsplash

What:  Youth volunteers help with administrative tasks (e.g., answering phones, making copies, data entry), direct visitors, work in the gift shop, stock supplies, and lend a hand with INOVA Nursing and Rehabilitation Center activities.

Who: The high school volunteer program begins at age 15.  There are quite a few requirements, including vaccinations and online training.  Read them carefully here and be sure your teen communicates directly with the volunteer program.

Where: Youth volunteers may assist at the INOVA Loudoun Lansdowne, Ashburn, and Leesburg campuses.

How to get started:  If your teen is ready for a serious commitment to healthcare volunteering, they can begin the 8-step volunteer application process here!  Please note this program requires a weekly commitment for a minimum of six months.

Contact: loudounvolunteer@inova.org

Family services volunteer opportunities

No family should have to worry about necessities such as food or shelter.  Find out how your child can give their time to help families experiencing hardship right here in Loudoun County.

7) Women Giving Back (WGB)

Women Giving Back is a non-profit that provides no-cost clothing to women and children who are experiencing crisis and residing in local shelters.  WGB recognizes the impact that a quality wardrobe can have on women persevering through personal and financial challenges.

Best Volunteering Opportunities for Kids & Teens in Loudoun County: Family services volunteer opportunities (image of a rack of women's clothing).
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What:  I took a group of my high school students to volunteer here a few years ago and they were so eager to help stock the warehouse and organize the clothing boutique!  Volunteers may also host a drive or make "snack packs" for children staying in local shelters.

Who: Youth volunteers must be 12 years and older.  Volunteers ages 12-15 must also have an adult chaperone.

Where: 20 Export Drive, Sterling, VA 20164

How to get started:  Prospective volunteers need to create an online account, review the WGB volunteer handbook, and attend an orientation before registering for their first volunteer shift (learn more here).

Contact: (703)554-9386 or info@womengivingback.org

8) Dulles South Food Pantry

The Dulles South Food Pantry is a local organization, supported by the community and multi-faith groups, on a mission to eliminate hunger in Loudoun County.

Volunteer opportunities for kids & teens: Dulles South Food Pantry (image of canned soup on a shelf).
Photo by Calle Macarone / Unsplash

What:  Youth volunteers help with food donations, stocking shelves, and can even help organize a food drive to support the pantry.

Who:  The Dulles South Food Pantry welcomes youth volunteers ages 10 and up (a parent or guardian must accompany volunteers ages 13 and younger). Children ages 9 and younger are encouraged to support the pantry by organizing a drive and collecting food donations. Only adult volunteers may assist with food distribution.

Where: 24757 Arcola Mills Drive, Dulles, VA  20166

How to get started:  Youth volunteers must first attend a 45-minute training session.  A parent/guardian must also attend the training if their child is age 13 or younger.

Contact:  (703)507-2795 or info@dsfp.org

Theater & arts volunteering

If your child is passionate about the arts, know that the arts can be more than just an extracurricular activity!  Theater-based volunteer work can be a great way to blend personal interests with giving back.

9) Stage Coach Theatre Company

The Stage Coach Theater Company is a local performing arts theater in Ashburn with an event calendar packed full of diverse shows.

What: Teen volunteers assist with theatre shows by checking-in audience members, ushering, and cleaning up.  Although not a guarantee, they may also be able to catch some of the show if it isn't sold out!

Who: The minimum age for youth volunteers ranges from age 13 to 18, depending on the type of show.

Where: 20937 Ashburn Road, Suites 115 and 120, Ashburn, VA 20147

How to get started: Prospective youth volunteers can reach out to info@stagecoachtc.com and sign up for their slots via the Stage Coach Theatre Company's Sign-Up Genius Page.

Contact: (571) 477-9444 or info@stagecoachtc.com

Volunteer opportunities for the holidays

Volunteer work is a great way to make family holidays more about "giving" than "getting."

10) The Salvation Army of Loudoun County

The Salvation Army Loudoun Corps has served our community for nearly 25 years, striving to overcome homelessness, hunger, and financial hardship.

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids & Teens in Loudoun County: Image of male youth holding a red bell in front of a sign that reads, "The Salvation Army."
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

What: In addition to ringing those classic red donation bells, The Salvation Army offers a wealth of holiday (as well as year-round) youth volunteer opportunities, including an Angel Tree program and serving holiday meals to those in need.

Who: The Salvation Army offers a range of volunteer opportunities for all ages.  

Where: 10 Cardinal Park Drive SE Leesburg, VA 20175

How to get started: Complete the following forms and email them to bonnie.inman@uss.salvationarmy.org (Note: Court-related community service has a different submission process):

  • Volunteer agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Release/waiver of liability

Contact: (703) 771-3371 or bonnie.inman@uss.salvationarmy.org

Wrapping up on kid-friendly volunteer opportunities in Loudoun County

Volunteer opportunities for kids & teens: Dulles South Food Pantry Best Volunteer Opportunities for Kids & Teens In Loudoun County (Image of a person in a t-shirt that reads, "volunteer."  Image is cropped at the torso.)
Image by RODNAE Productions / Pexels

New volunteer opportunities and events are always popping up in LoCo.  For a personally curated list of volunteer opportunities for your child, check out Loudoun Cares' Online Volunteer Center.

Loudoun Cares will help match you with one (or more) of over 240 local non-profit organizations.  They also provide a comprehensive volunteer calendar so you can find volunteer work to fit your busy schedule or help out on short notice.

If we missed your organization, be sure to comment below or reach out so we can help connect you with local youth who are eager to lend a hand.

Thank you for empowering your child to serve our community!


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