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Top 20 Playgrounds in Northern Virginia

There is no shortage of playgrounds in Northern Virginia, and we've laid out our top picks with some tips before you go.

Kelly O'Lone
Kelly O'Lone

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The best playgrounds in Northern Virginia offer something for everyone. While it's convenient to go to the neighborhood playground, it's also fun to branch out and try something new.  

Even as my kids get older, they still love a good playground, and it's an excellent (free!) activity for any day of the week. As the temperatures are starting to become more bearable, it's a wonderful time to explore the area and the many playgrounds it has to offer.

Here's my look at the 20 best playgrounds in Northern Virginia.  

20 Best Playgrounds in Northern Virginia

  1. Clemyjontri Park - McLean
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Clemyjontri Park is one of my favorite playgrounds in Northern Virginia and one of the best activities in the area because it has something for all ages and abilities. The park is full of bright, colorful play areas, swings, slides, a musical instruments area, and even a maze! The playground is spread out, so you'll get your steps in keeping up with your kids.

Its large size does have its benefits as it doesn't seem as crowded on busy days. In addition, there are awnings throughout the park which help block the sun on those hot summer days.

Know Before You Go: Carousel runs daily, and the train operates on weekends; you can purchase tickets on-site with cash or a credit card. Handicapped accessible, bathrooms, plenty of parking but can fill up on a busy day.

Address: 6317 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA

2. Cheesie's Big Backyard - Alexandria

Photo by Fairfax County website

Cheesie's Big Backyard playground is nothing short of amazing. The park has its Special Harbor Splashground, a nature-themed playground, a preschool playground, a carousel, and a super awesome treehouse canopy.

The Splashground sits next to the playground and is 100% free to use, which I find amazing because it's not your average playground splash area. In addition, the two playgrounds allow older kids (5-12) to play in one, while younger kids can play in the ocean-themed preschool playground, complete with a pirate ship and friendly sea dragon.

Know Before You Go: The carousel has various hours, and it's best to check the site for the latest schedule; it is $3 during the week and $4 on weekends and holidays. Bathrooms are available on site.

Address: 6601 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310

3. Lubber Run Park - Arlington

Photo by Arlington County Website 

Lubber Run Park has 31 acres of greatness, including two playhouses, a rock climbing wall, a large net climber, a sandbox, hill slides, and a nature trail. There also are picnic tables if you want to make a day of it and bring lunch.

Know Before You Go: Parking is available on the street or in the garage; both are free. The park can get busy after school. Bathrooms, trails, and nearby basketball, volleyball, and pickleball courts

Address: 200 N. Columbus St, Arlington, VA

4. Quincy Park - Arlington

Photo by Arlington County Website 

One of the best parts about Quincy Park is that there is a fence around the playground, which is perfect for little ones who tend to be runners. Quincy Park also has various sensory-rich activities appropriate for all developmental levels.

The park also features a bucket merry-go-round, climbing wall, rope hammock, and lots more to keep little ones engaged. The four-acre park also has tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts.

Know Before You Go: Bathrooms are available, and there is street parking and a parking lot one block from the playground.

Address: 1021 N. Quincy St, Arlington, VA

5. Chestnut Hills - Arlington

Photo by Arlington County website

Spread over 4 acres, Chestnut Hills has two fenced-in playgrounds and a sandpit/water run, which will thoroughly keep your keeps entertained. There also is a path around the playground for kids to ride bikes or scooters, so don't forget to bring yours. Kids can also enjoy the music column, slide, spinner, and cool wavy climbing structure.

Know Before You Go: Bathrooms are at the Greenbrier Park next door, and free parking is available on Harrison St.

Address: 2807 N. Harrison St, Arlington, VA

6. Hidden Pond Park - Springfield

Photo by Fairfax County website

Hidden Pond is a great fenced-in nature-themed playground for kids to explore. In addition to standard play equipment, the park also features paved trails, streams, woodland, and, as the name suggests, a hidden pond. Two separate playgrounds within the fenced-in area allow kids to move around freely.

The visitor center also holds classes and camps, and you can even hold birthday parties at the park. If the playground is busy when you go, walking around the trails is a great activity to kill time while the crowd thins out.

Know Before You Go: Portable bathrooms available and plenty of parking

Address: 8511 Greeley Blvd, West Springfield, VA 22151

7. Burke Lake Playground - Fairfax Station

Photo by Fairfax County website 

With nearly 900 acres, Burke Lake offers plenty for families looking to have fun, including its two playgrounds. If your kids need to burn off leftover energy from the playgrounds, you can check out the nearly 5-mile walking trail around the lake. The park also has a carousel and train; fees and hours are available on their website.

Know Before You Go: Portable restrooms on site, boat rentals available, mini golf, and disc golf course.

Address: 7315 Ox Rd, Fairfax Station, VA

8. James S. Long Regional Park - Haymarket

Photo by Kelly O'Lone

Long Park is a great park to visit if you find yourself in Haymarket. Located right off highway 15, the park is home to numerous soccer games on the weekend, but it also has an excellent playground. While the playground isn't huge, it has several swings, a playing structure with a rock climbing wall, and a smaller play area for younger kids.

Adjacent to the playground is a huge field that is great for throwing a ball around, playing tag, or just letting your kids run wild. There is also a pavilion and picnic tables if you want to bring lunch.

Know Before You Go: Plenty of parking, but it can get busy on the weekends if games are going on. Portable restrooms are available.

Address: 4603 James Madison Hwy, Haymarket, VA 20169

9. Fantasy Playground - Woodbridge

Photo by Fantasy Playground 

Fantasy playground in Woodbridge would likely escape you because it's located inside a neighborhood subdivision. The playground is full of wooden play structures that kids will love exploring. Kids will find tunnels, slides, secret passages, swings, and so much more throughout the playground.

While the playground is fenced in, the two entrances are not gated, so the kiddos could escape if they tried. I find Fantasy playground to be one of the best playgrounds in Northern Virginia, but you should plan on keeping up with your kids through this labyrinth-like playground.

Know Before You Go: Wear sneakers to avoid getting gravel in your shoes. No bathrooms.

Address: 12298 Cotton Mill Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192

10. Baldwin Park - Manassas

Photo by Manassas County Website 

Balwin Park is situated in Manassas and is perfect for younger kiddos. The park has swings, an adorable train play structure, slides, picnic tables, and more. While the park itself is small, I find it fantastic for toddlers, as you can't lose sight of them, and there aren't any structures too high for them to get hurt.  

The park is behind the museum in the Old Town, so it makes a great spot to play and then walk a little to get something for lunch. I also appreciate the shading in the park with the many trees.

Know Before You Go: No bathrooms on site

Address: 9101 Prince William St, Manassas, VA 20110

11. Fairlington Park Playground - Arlington

Photo by Fairfax County via Facebook 

Clearly, Arlington has plenty of playgrounds to choose from, but you don't want to leave Fairlington Park off your list. First, the playground has an amazing climbing structure with a fast slide and is probably best for older kids. However, it's incredibly cool and a must-see if you visit Arlington.

However, they also have play equipment for the younger kids in tow. The playground boasts a toddler play area, plenty of sand to play with, and a zip line to test your inner American Ninja Warrior.

Know Before You Go: The big slide goes fast, so it's best for little kids to avoid going down it.

Address: 3304-3318 S. Stafford St, Arlington, VA 22206

12. Tuckahoe Park - Arlington

Photo by Arlington County Website 

Tuckahoe Park has a super cool climbing net for the adventurous kids in your group. You'll also find a see-saw, slides, swings, and several covered play structures. The park has a walking trail which is great for riding bikes or scooters; you can bring the dog along, too!

The 12-acre park also has tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, picnic tables, and an open field for kids to run around, pending there are no games going on.

Know Before You Go: Street parking is available, or you can take the metro and get off at East Falls Church. Portable bathrooms are available during scheduled sports seasons.

Address: 2400 N. Sycamore St, Arlington, VA 22213

13. Potomac Yard Park - Alexandria

Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

Potomac Yard Park has two fenced-in playgrounds, so you can allow the kids to pick their fancy. A spray park is between the playgrounds, perfect for a hot summer day.

Those with little ones will love the parent/baby swing, where you sit in front of each other and swing together. The playground also has slides, additional swings, mazes, and hammocks, and the grounds are made with artificial turf, so you don't have to worry about little ones hurting their knees.  

Know Before You Go: Street parking and limited bathroom access

Address: 2501 Potomac Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305

14. Oak Grove Park - Arlington

Photo by Arlington County Website 

Oak Grove Park has a playground like no other, with a tall playing structure with all sorts of fun designs coming out from it. While the playground isn't huge, it's unique and sets itself apart from others in the area. There also is a paved walking trail and a large field for running around.  

Know Before You Go: Free parking but no bathrooms

Address: 1606 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22207

15. Ashburn Park - Ashburn

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Ashburn Park, otherwise known as Dinosaur Park, has plenty of play structures, swings, slides, a creek, and a fun prehistoric theme. The park also has paved nature trails and a shaded spot to sit and have a snack or eat lunch.

Know Before You Go: The parking lot is next door, and bathrooms are available

Address: 43645 Partlow Rd, Ashburn, VA 20147

16. Monticello Park Challenge Course - Burke

Photo by Fairfax County via Twitter 

If you have older kids, check out the Monticello Park Challenge Course. You can even download the app to upload your results from the course. While the sign says 13+, I think there are plenty of 10-year-olds who can complete it. However, you know your kid best, so use your parental instinct to decide.

Know Before You Go: No bathrooms, and parking is available but shared with the dog park next door.

Address: 5315 Guinea Rd, Burke, VA

17. Jones Point Park - Alexandria

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Jones Point Park is located along the Potomac River and is a bit of a hidden gem. The park, which sits under I-495, has two playgrounds, one for children under five and the other for kids aged five to ten, and has a challenge course perfect for older kids. In addition, the park has basketball courts and the Mount Vernon trail, perfect for biking or scooting.

Know Before You Go: Bathrooms are available, and there is a parking lot right next to the toddler playground

Address: 125 Jones Point Drive, Alexandria, VA 23242

18. Glyndon Park - Vienna

Photo by Vienna Gov. Website 

Glyndon Park is 11 acres of wooded greatness. The park has a playground with decent shade, pickleball, tennis, and basketball courts, and a storybook trail. You can also choose from one of the three pavilions if you need a place to sit or eat lunch.

Know Before You Go: Restrooms are available, and there is plenty of parking

Address: 300 Glyndon Street NE, Vienna, VA 22180

19. Ratcliffe Park - Fairfax

Photo by Ratcliffe Park via Facebook 

Ratcliffe Park in Fairfax has a nice play set for younger kids and cool tree carvings for everyone to enjoy. A covered picnic table area is also great for taking a break and getting a snack and water. In addition, you'll also find a sandbox, swings, slides, and everything you could ask for in a quaint playground.  

Know Before You Go: Easy parking and portable bathrooms are available

Address: 10300 Sager Ave, Fairfax, VA 22030

20. Trailside Park - Ashburn

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest 

Finally, on the list of the best playgrounds in Northern Virginia is Trailside Park in Ashburn. The park features a playground with more than enough swings, cool tunnels, walking trails, monkey bars, a skating area, and plenty more to keep your kids occupied. It's also right next to the W&OD trail, so you can go walking or biking after you play.

Know Before You Go: Bathrooms are available, and you won't have issues finding parking

Address: 20375 Claiborne Pkwy, Ashburn, VA 20147

Wrap Up

There you have it, the best playgrounds you'll find in Northern Virginia. While there are many that could have made the list, it was my tough job to narrow it down. Regardless of which playground you decide to visit, get out there and be active with your kiddos; you won't regret it.


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